<h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p>
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Furniture Manufacture | Evgenios Kaleadis

...Chrysoupoli's crossroad, Kavala




The kitchen is one of the most important parts each house, perhaps the one with the greatest use. For this reason, the space must be functional and comfortable to serve as much as possible to our everyday needs. The furniture manufacturing company KALEADIS EVGENIOS designs each kitchen individually, according to the requirements of the area and the preferences of each customer for the best possible result.

Clever storage, top quality materials and endurance guarantee are the most important criteria for the outcome of our work. Modern design and thoughtful aesthetics come to complete a perfect construction.

Contact us in order to make a study of your space and then discuss all the details that will make up your ideal kitchen.