<h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p>
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Furniture Manufacture | Evgenios Kaleadis

...Chrysoupoli's crossroad, Kavala




The furniture manufacturing company KALEADIS EVGENIOS responds with consistency and professionalism to any special furnishing structure required. Our customers can tell us their favorite designs and we can make the construction. We customize any construction to the needs of your space and we even turn the smallest and most special spaces into functional ideas and furnishing solutions that will make your everyday life easier.

We manufacture living room and bathroom compositions in modern designs, creating unique design while also serving on storage issues. We make special constructions and wood compositions for professional spaces and shops with modern aesthetics. We undertake wooden coatings in residential and professional spaces that transform their entire environment.

Address to our business to provide advice and solutions for all kinds of special wood constructions and you will watch them happenning.