<h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p>
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Furniture Manufacture | Evgenios Kaleadis

...Chrysoupoli's crossroad, Kavala


The furniture manufacturing company KALEADIS EVGENIOS has been active in the carpentry sector since 2007. Having a headquarters in the crossroads of Chrysoupoli in Kavala, we design and manufacture for you furniture and special constructions of excellent quality and unique design. By supplying the best raw materials combined with our know-how and modern equipment we create for you special pieces of furniture such as wardrobes, bedrooms, dining rooms, living room sets, bathroom furniture, as well as kitchen and children's room furniture.

The variety of designs, materials and colors create numerous combinations and adjust to the dimensions and needs of each space. Our experienced staff visits your space in order to carry out the necessary study so that we can later proceed to the design and manufacture of your furniture. We manufacture furniture and all kinds of wooden constructions for residential and business premises. We serve the entire prefecture of Kavala and wherever else requested.

Contact us to provide the most stylish and effective solutions for each room.