<h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p>
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Bedrooms - Wardrobes

Furniture Manufacture | Evgenios Kaleadis

...Chrysoupoli's crossroad, Kavala




The bedroom is the most personal space of each house. An area of relaxation and tranquility that represents the style and aesthetics of the user. The furniture manufacturing company KALEADIS EYGENIOS manufactures beautiful wooden furniture for your bedroom offering excellent quality for the perfect relaxation as well as functionality for storing your personal belongings.

Here you will find beds, bedside tables, drawers and closets of excellent construction in modern and classic designs so as to meet every taste. Combine your furniture with smart storage ideas and special partitions to better serve your needs.
We specialize in the construction of built-in and individual wardrobes, designed as they serve you better using shelves, drawers or hangers and modern mechanisms that facilitate your everyday life.

Contact us in order to make a study of your space and then discuss all the details that will make up the perfect bedroom.