<h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p> <h2>KALEADIS EVGENIOS </h2><p>Furniture Manufacture | Kavala</p>
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Kids Room

Furniture Manufacture | Evgenios Kaleadis

...Chrysoupoli's crossroad, Kavala




The children's bedroom is a special category of furnishing both technically and aesthetically. Every child is looking for the ideal bedroom that will make it an environment for concentration and study, as well as play. The furniture manufacturing company KALEADIS EVGENIOS combines colors, designs and special constructions for the composition of children's room furniture according to the age, the sex and the preferences of each child.

We manufacture beds, cribs and bunk beds for the proper rest of every child, desks and bookcases for study and creative hours, as well as wardrobes and storage areas for toys and personal belongings. We create compositions and special constructions inspired by the children's favorite superheroes. Trust our passion and art to fill even more children's smiles.

Contact us in order to make a study of your space and then discuss all the details that will make up the ideal children's room.